She Wants To Lead In the Classroom Like Her Parents

“I am a little person in the big picture. God put me here.”

Those words from 2024 Benedictine College graduate and former student body president Anastasia Adams were a response to the Fran Jabara Leadership Award she received as part of the recent commencement ceremonies. The award indicates the high level of ability the recipients have displayed as well as the respect with which their peers and teachers view them.

The English and Secondary Education graduate received the award along with David Lauterwasser. The two were recognized for their achievements and leadership ability during their college time.

Originally from Lander, Wyo., Anastasia is the eldest of eight children. From an early age, she was taught the importance of human dignity through the example of her parents, Sarah and Raymond Adams. Being from a relational and supportive family, Anastasia attributes her success in leadership to their model.

“My parents are so good at taking care of people, which is a big part of my leadership style,” Anastasia said. “Being attentive and intentional with those who work for me as president, coordinator, or any leadership position, means just noticing and affirming the efforts of my team as I make room for what they might need.”

Building on those childhood virtues, Anastasia has displayed leadership qualities while assessing the needs of the community. Whether as a student teacher at Maur Hill-Mount Academy, a college-preparatory school, or through participating in ministry service as a Eucharistic Minister, she has actively pursued service opportunities.

“Leadership, in my perspective, is an act of humility rather than a form of initiative,” she said.

Anastasia, a driven, faith-filled, and compassionate individual demonstrated her leadership through multiple positions. During her time here as a student, Anastasia was the president of the Student Government Association (SGA). Prior to that, served as a committee chair and a class senator. She led a FOCUS Bible study group, served on the Raven Diversity Team, and was a student leader for Benedictine College’s Study Abroad Program in Florence, Italy.

Known for her ambitious nature, Anastasia pursued excellence in her academics and was recognized on the Dean’s List every semester. “I don’t really see leadership as taking charge,” she said. “I believe it is much more an act of service, helping in whatever way possible and whatever the situation. Leadership is all about giving up yourself.”

“I love kids and there is something so beautiful about being in a position to cherish and uphold their innocence while still enhancing their minds to know, love, and serve God,” Adams said. “I would love to be even a sliver of that for my students, just to show them the true, good, and beautiful.”

Accepted into the Notre Dame ACE Program to pursue a master’s degree in education this fall, Anastasia is excited about what is ahead. Teaching sophomore English at St. Dominic Savio High School in Austin, Texas this next school year, she is looking forward to the opportunity to lead our nation’s youth with a service-oriented style of leadership.



Emma Lyons

Emma R.C. Lyons

Emma R.C. Lyons is a rising senior at Benedictine College who is working as a writing intern in the Marketing & Communications Office for the summer. She is an English major who has helped other students as a writing tutor. In 2024, she served as the managing editor of Loomings, the Benedictine College arts magazine. She is known as a highly empathetic, methodical, and goal-oriented individual.