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Tom Hoopes | Telling the Extraordinary Story of Christ

Tom Hoopes is the host of The Extraordinary Story, a podcast about the life of Christ. He is the VP of College Relations, and writer in residence at Benedictine College. He’s a former reporter in Washington, D.C., and he spent ten years as Executive Editor of the National Catholic Register

Faith and Science

COMING SOON! In this series, you’ll learn about the Church’s teaching of the beauty, usefulness, and limitations of science. You’ll also hear the ways science and biblical narrative work together. Experience the formation offered to our students by learning from internationally recognized theologian and Benedictine College professor, Dr. Matthew Ramage.

The Reckoning

COMING SOON! In this series, you'll learn the importance and practical application of bringing Christian principles into the business world. You'll also learn about the perils we might face if the economy continues it's current trajectory. Experience the formation offered to our students from


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