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Joseph Ratzinger | Roundtable Discussion | Benedictine Dialogues

In this special episode of The Benedictine Dialogues, Dr. Jared Zimmerer sits down with Dr. Matthew Ramage, Fr. Daniel Cardó, and Dr. Michael Dominic Taylor to discuss the life and works of Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI). Fr. Cardó is the editor of a new volume entitled “The Cambridge Companion

The Reckoning

In this series, you'll learn the importance and practical application of bringing Christian principles into the business world. You'll also learn about the perils we might face if the economy continues it's current trajectory.

The Benedictine Dialogues

Stephen D. Minnis is the president of Benedictine College. Listen in as he explains the deep spiritual roots of the college, the grand vision to transform culture in America, and the hope to form students to become great Catholic leaders.

Faith and Science

Our new series, “Faith and Science: Creation” will help you think through the fundamental questions of life with the mind of the Catholic Church! What do scientific theories of evolution and the Big Bang mean for faith?


Benedictine College regularly hosts prestigious speakers to present on a variety of topics for the benefit of students, faculty and the broader community.

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