He Came For Hands-On Learning. Now He’s Building Medical Supplies.

Earning a degree isn’t just about taking tests and getting grades. It’s about wrestling with new ideas, applying concepts in the real-world. Just ask Gabe Ambuul.

Ambuul is a Junior at Benedictine College from Colorado Springs, Colorado. As a Mechanical Engineering student, Ambuul enjoys diving-deep, trying to understand things and learning how to build them.

“I love to create. Gaining the knowledge to find better ways around problems and coming up with my own solutions always pays off and is extremely satisfying when looking back on my work.”

Benedictine College gives their students the chance to do just that. In the segment of small, liberal arts colleges, not many institutions offer engineering. And even fewer can boast the quality of faculty and facilities that Benedictine College has.

Engineering faculty at Benedictine College include 10 PhD professors with 11 patents. The facility, Westerman Hall, is the finest STEM building of any small college in America, 100,000 square feet, complete with 15 full engineering labs.

Recently, Ambuul made use of those resources by building a robotic arm. Looking ahead, he has secured an internship building medical supplies with Medtronic, a healthcare technology company.

In addition to providing a hands-on education, Benedictine College also helps students get real-world experience through internships and networking. The Raven Walk, Benedictine’s networking platform was designed for just that reason. It connects students to alumni and friends of the college for mentoring, internship and job opportunities. In fact, 9 in 10 Benedictine College engineering students are offered jobs in their field prior to graduation.

“Living at Benedictine College, there is never a dull moment! I am always making new friends and building tighter relationships with those I am close with.”

Ambuul is quick to point out positive impact Benedictine’s exciting campus has had on him. “I chose Benedictine for the attractive Catholic community, and the opportunity for life-long relationships, which is evident from the start.”

In an era when so many are feeling detached, alone, or without a sense of belonging, students from across the country and the world have found their community at Benedictine College. Ambuul is a student at a time when enrollment at the college has been increasing for two decades, and other schools model their Student Life programs after Benedictine’s.

“Come visit! Take the trip to Atchison, Kansas for a Raven Day. You will see the beautiful campus, meet amazing people who make you feel like part of the family, and sit in on classes you find interesting. It truly impacted my decision, and I am grateful to this day.”

Nicholas Martin