Why I Follow

Brothers and sisters:
Faith is the realization of what is hoped for
and evidence of things not seen.
Because of it the ancients were well attested.
Hebrews 3:1-2

 Clavius : Did you know he would rise?
Bartholomew : He said he would, but… truth be told, we doubted it.
Clavius : Then what made you follow Him?
What Made You Follow Him?”- Risen

The clip from “Risen” is self-explanatory. Clavius (Ralph Finnes) finds himself in the midst of the risen Lord and His disciples, abandoning his hunt for Jesus after the Resurrection.

While it is true we look for signs and wonders that the Lord is in our midst, I have come to realize that our demonstration and affirmation of faith comes, not in “a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal”, but in the quiet, the still, the listening for what we cannot see, but yet believe.

In a world demanding “proof” of everything at all times, how can we counter?

By listening, loving, and doing.

I have written previously about the difference between hearing and listening. Over the years, I have tried to encourage students in my classes, whatever the topic, to withhold action and listen, first. There may be a message that unlocks understanding, which leads to discovery, which encourages faith.

Faith is not the enemy of “proof”. It is the outcome, the quiet joy, the manifestation of God’ love for us, always.

Your encounter with faith is different than mine, and the other person, to be sure. That said, why would Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians, put the words faith, hope, and love in the same sentence? While those three words, in the context of the entire passage, resonate with couples being married, I believe the three words speak ever louder as we age, together, and our methods of speaking and listening may be diffused in the everyday noise.

How to bring it back?

Perhaps, by consider the love of the Lord in bringing us together in the first place. We did not choose each other, really. God, in His masterful plan did.

He has been with us in all the joyful times when we have affirmed our faith in each other, but, especially, in the dark moments, when all seemed lost, and we were alone with our partner. that has been when, looking up for an answer to the pain and the hopelessness, that our faith in God, always, has provided peace, and, hopefully, a road map to a solution, or at least, comfort.

We follow Him because He has invited us to. Thank you Lord, for being there, always.

Michael Throop