SLIDESHOW: Weekend of Traditions at Benedictine

Introducing a news report about the “most unusual campus tradition in the entire state of Kansas,” St. Joseph news anchor asked, “What happens when you try to race on a tricycle comprised of an old bed frame, a set of warn out tires and makeshift metal parts?”

“Don’t try this at home,” he added.

The bed races are just one part of Homecoming Week at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. See pictures of the Wizard of Oz-themed 2019 weekend above.

The report on the “family friendly fun and games” at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, by Marcus Clem said “In a matter of moments, the idyllic campus of Benedictine College, dedicated to the visionary Saint Benedict of Norcia is transformed into a scene reminiscent of any racetrack.”

He explained the origins of the bed races. “The tradition arises from a time when Benedictine was actually two different campuses, one for men and one for women on opposite sides of town.”

In his written account, he added: “Students of each institution, who generally didn’t have their own vehicles, contributed by moving beds and other items on rollers, a round trip of about 3 miles. The tradition lives today following the 1971 decision to merge the two institutions into the co-ed Benedictine College, and the eventual shutdown of collegiate academics at the St. Scholastica Campus.”

The rules of the bed races are simple.

“Bicycle gears are not allowed; each team must propel their ‘bed’ by foot power alone, and most beds end up propelled by four or five runners holding attached handles. The modern race is about half the distance of the old one to encourage runners to sprint,” he said.

The winners “enjoy the spoils of determined athleticism, confidence in each other and faith in God.”

To see Marcus Clem’s news report about the bed races, click here.

To see a Facebook 360-degree look from one of the beds during the race, click here.

Benedictine College

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