WATCH-Men of Mission: Two Friends Transformed

The Gregorian Fellows leadership program at Benedictine College is designed to train and launch Catholic leaders rooted in their faith and ready to be effective in contemporary society. The work of the Fellows is featured here every Friday. By forming its students deeply in the mission, advancing its mission through alumni in every walk of life, and extending its mission regionally and nationally, Benedictine College hopes to Transform Culture in America.

Benedictine College Gregorian Fellows JohnPaul Stedwill and Gabriel LeBeau were the student speakers at Benedictine College’s Scholarship Ball, which set attendance and fundraising records this year

The two seniors who are double-majoring in pre-med and Philosophy spoke about the community, faith and scholarship they found at Benedictine College. LeBeau surprised his best friend at the end of the presentation with a big announcement.

Their dynamic discussion include humor and profound insights. Highlights of their discussion include the lessons they learned on a mission trip they organized to Ghana.

“We were working at a clinic late of night and I witnessed Gabe providing care to an elderly gentleman with a large open ulcer on his leg,” Stedwill said. “As he cleaned and dressed the wound I saw Gabe caring for this man as Jesus himself would have and I was overcome with gratitude to be able to call him my friend.”

“Being in Africa was truly an eye-opening experience for JP and me,” said LeBeau. “I will never forget being woken up in the middle of the night to assist in a childbirth by holding a flashlight when the electricity was out. Or holding the hands of malaria infected children praying that their fevers would break.”

The two also explain that they began a group on campus to serve the needs of young men.

The group was about adventure, said LeBeau. “Pursuing a sense of adventure and true leisure have led us to undertake many a backpacking expedition everywhere from the deserts of Arizona to the Mountains of Tennessee,” he said. “On these trips we are able to reconnect with God and Each other through the beauty and wonder of nature. “

But the group delivered many benefits to its members, added Stedwill. “When we founded this group many of us were fighting personal battles in our lives be it spiritual, emotional, or in relationships,” he said. “We gained strength from one another and the friendships and fruit that this group has brought have left each one of us a sense of gratitude for having the opportunity at Benedictine to take part in such an incredible community.”

The two explained what kind of doctors they wanted to be after their Benedictine College education. “We are devoted to pursue wisdom that would instruct our consciences on how to practice ethical and pro-life healthcare,” said LeBeau.

“We are humbled to have the opportunity to see in each one our future patients the person of Jesus Christ himself,” said Stedwill.

Watch the whole thing above, or here.

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