Top 10 Gregorian Prayer Posts of 2020

One popular feature of the Gregorian Institute weblog has been the Prayer Resources, many of which you can find in the tab above. More people turned to the Gregorian for this kind of help than ever before.Below were the most popular prayer help posts of the year.

1: Rosary Meditations

The Gregorian Rosary Meditations continue to be our most popular posts. Each decade could have made the Top 18 on its own. Buy them as a book here, or click on them individually here:

The Joyful Mysteries
The Luminous Mysteries
The Sorrowful Mysteries
The Glorious Mysteries

2: Pandemic Way of the Cross

Stations of the Cross for a Time of Pandemic

These Station of the Cross were prayed during the Passion Triduum by bishops in the United States, UK and Australia.

3: Eucharistic Hour Guide

How to Pray a Holy Hour

Linked by several organizations that promote Eucharistic Adoration, this minute-by-minute guide to adoration receives dozens of visitors every day.

4: Passion Way of the Cross

Passion of the Christ Stations of the Cross

This way of meditating on the popular movie’s presentation of the mysteries is popular year-round, but especially in Lent.

5: COVID Novena

Benedictine President Calls for Coronavirus Novena

This call for prayer by President Stephen D. Minnis was shared by college audiences and beyond.

6: Memorare Army

The Power of the Memorare Prayer

This article began as a National Catholic Register story about why families — and one Kansas college — turn to the Memorare Prayer.

7: Sunday Lessons

This Sunday, Talents Are Overrated (Except for One)

Let this stand for the many Sunday reflections that have been popular this year.

8: Saint Stories

Little Olivia, Saint for Our Times

This life of St. Olivia has been visited many times in 2020, often by people with Olivias in their lives. It’s our New Year’s resolution to bring you more saint stories in 2021.

9: Coronavirus Victory

Media Spotlight: Prayer Averted COVID Crisis

Not a prayer resource as such, but a story about how prayer averted a COVID crisis that threatened Benedictine College.

10: Confession Guide

Six Ways to Examine Your Conscience for Confession

This has been visited often since it was first published in 2012.

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