Tonight Is Born Our Savior

Listen, O house of David!
Is it not enough for you to weary men,
must you also weary my God?
Therefore the Lord himself will give you this sign:
the virgin shall conceive and bear a son,
and shall name him Emmanuel.
Isaiah 7:12-14

Our Savior has come to save us all.
Save us from sin, save us from strife.
Save us from fear, lead us in loneliness, in our most dark times.
Bring us hope, wonder, and joy.
Lead us to our salvation through Him.

Pictured: The shepherds visit the newborn King,Jesus of Nazareth 1977


It is a battle between the “temporal” world and Our Eternal Kingdom, and God, in His wisdom, knew we are able to discern the “immediate” from the “eternal”.

He sent His son, in most destitute circumstances, to show us The Way.

We don’t need “proof” Our Lord is born of love for us.

His brief time on Earth forever altered our destiny.

As humans, we “stub our toe” on immediate concerns, personal troubles, broken relationships, illness, poverty, war, and, simply, failings that we can’t seem to fix.

Are 21st century concerns that much different from the time when Christ was born?

Perhaps, with the onslaught of social media, unlimited mobility, damaged families, dependence on the secular world for answers that, in truth, lie within.

No matter, Our Savior, so fragile in His manger crib, will guide us to be One with the Father.

That is the promise, fulfilled today.

We have the key to eternal joy, among us now.

The Gift … is in all of us, for us to celebrate, and to share.

We are truly blessed on this day!

Michael Throop