Rosary, Roe, and More: Our Top 10 Posts of 2022

Here is a quick run-down of the most popular posts from the year 2022 at ExCorde.org.

1: Rosary Meditations
These Rosary Meditations continue to be our most popular posts. Buy them as a book here, or click on them individually here:

The Joyful Mysteries
The Luminous Mysteries
The Sorrowful Mysteries
The Glorious Mysteries

2: The World Sees a Loser, But We See a King
It helped that The Loop linked it, but the Sunday Guide for Christ the King Day received an enormous number of views.

3: Passion of the Christ Stations of the Cross
This journey through the Stations of the Cross using Mel Gibson’s movie is meant to help improve the experience of both.

4: Real Presence, Real Faith: 9 Eucharistic Martyrs
These saints died for faith in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.

5: Value Them Both Lost, But the Kansas Constitution Is Still Pro-Life
Here is a take on how to make the most of a sad loss.

6: How to Pray a Holy Hour
This is our minute-by-minute guide to a Holy Hour. (You can find this and the rosary meditations by clicking on Prayer Resources.)

7: The Extraordinary Story | S1 Ep1 | Out of the Maze
With another assist by The Loop, this introduction to the Life of Christ podcast was a top-hitter.

8: Pro-Life Memes for Pro-Life Week
Weekend Memes is always a big hitter, and this, the last one from a Roe v. Wade era March for Life was the biggest.

9: Two Disquieting Truths About the Prodigal Son Parable
This new(ish) take on the Prodigal Son got a top-10 attention.

10: Undoing the Damage Done by Instagram
Starting with the tragic suicide of a Miss USA, this article tracked the harm social media causes.

Runners up:

‘Greater Than all The Milky Ways In The Universe’: God and the New NASA Images
Benedictine astronomer Christopher Shingledecker, almost broke the top 10 with his take on the new James Webb Telescope images.

Two on Father Stu
Top hitters included Michael Coy’s review the Mark Walberg film and Michael Throop’s more personal take.

The Futility of Incentives
A schooling in business principles from the director of the Thompson Center at Benedictine College.

24 Sci-Fi Picks for the Catholic Reader
Benedictine Catholic literature Professor Stephen Mirarchi’s science fiction picks are a perennial favorite.

5 Spiritual Lessons From Dante’s Divine Comedy

Benedictine theologian Matthew Ramage attracts readers regularly to his take on what 21st century readers can learn from a Medieval Italian poet.

Roe v. Wade ends on the Feast of the Sacred Heart
Director of  the Center for Constitutional Liberty, Kevin Vance, analyzes the Dobbs decision.

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