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What’s the best answer to Christmas sentimentality? The Christmas season liturgy. In the days that follow Christmas, the Church brings us the slaughter of innocents, the first martyr, and more. Christmas isn’t

God Remembers November 04, 2013 by Dr. Edward Mulholland God has a memory way deeper than sin. I  never thought about Zacchaeus’ name before, other than I once knew a family who

I have discovered that the remedy for worrying about the fate of our culture is roasting marshmallows with a six year old. Reading some blogs and news outlets last week, I could

In my continuing attempt to chronicle Catholic identity as it is lived in our time, I give you the modern Catholic love story which you see unfold at campuses like Benedictine College.

It’s NBA playoff season, which seems to last six months. That makes the whole season last about fourteen months.  I guess, March Madness aside, I’ve soured on basketball ever since my playground

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