So Few at Such a Momentous Event. And Now Us, Too.

I find it curious, and heartening, that God should choose only a few people, those on the periphery of society, to witness events involving his Son that changed the world.

The shepherds tending their flocks by night were visited by the angel, who gave them the glad tidings of great joy. A Savior is born in Bethlehem. They were the first to be directed to the newborn baby, lying in a manger. It was sometime after that the “notable”, the “kings” from afar, were directed by the star to come and worship the promise of the prophecy. Yet they, too, gave homage to the Child, not in a castle or a fortress, but in a stable.

When Jesus rose from the dead, it was the women who found the empty tomb, assured by an angel that the One they sought was … not there. They ran to proclaim the news, only to be dismissed until the disciples could see for themselves what had transpired.

When the Lord visited them, it was in secret, as they were in fear for their lives. But, Jesus’ admonition, “Peace, be with you”, calmed their apprehension and gave them courage for their futures, as those to lead his kingdom on Earth.

This Easter morning, we are, hopefully, able to attend the celebration of Christ’s rising, His victory over death. We worship together, and we do so with joy in our hearts.

We are one with the Lord. We are ordinary people celebrating a momentous event in a personal way. We are blessed, individually, and we promise to gave our needs, our joys, and our sorrows, to Him, always.

Happy Easter!

Michael Throop