Catholic Living Podcast

We’ve washed the ashes from our foreheads.  The fun part is over, and it’s a long ways off until Easter.  Faced with a Lenten season, and a Lenten promise, it’s easy to

Adoration, Blessings, Contrition, and Supplication. These are The ABCs of Prayer. This week, Tom Hoopes takes us step by step through this guide to daily prayer, which expresses how a real relationship

Five days out from Christmas, and Tom Hoopes is getting a little impatient.  Chances are, you are too.  All this build up and we’re still waiting?  Why wait?  Why not just pour

It’s hard to enter into Advent in America, where Christmas is blaring from every speaker. But Advent can be a time to remember the Christ-haunted time before Jesus came — and the

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