Signs and Wonders: I Am Afraid, But I Believe

Many signs and wonders were done among the people
at the hands of the apostles.
They were all together in Solomon’s portico.
None of the others dared to join them, but the people esteemed them.
Yet more than ever, believers in the Lord,
great numbers of men and women, were added to them.
Acts 5:12

In this passage from the Acts of the Apostles, we learn the people they visited were filled with joy upon seeing the signs and wonders they experienced. Yet, they did not dare to join Jesus’ followers.

Likely with good reason.

The Roman government no doubt was seeking out the Apostles. Word of the Lord’s rising from the dead had probably spread well beyond Jerusalem in the days and weeks following the Resurrection. Everyone was a suspect. Everyone had to keep the news, and their joy, to themselves. The physical threat was real.

That noted, the passage in Acts further states “great numbers of men and women were added to them. They saw for themselves, as did the disciples, and they believed.”

In our time, “signs and wonders” take on a different form. They likely are very personal and identifiable only to us. But they are real.

What do those signs and wonders look like in the 21st century?

Are those signs subtle and “under the surface”?

Are they “sitting right in front of you”?
Are they signs and wonders that, figuratively, “hit you over the head”?

Do they move you from being a “doubter”, like the troubled Thomas, to a believer?
How does it feel to shed that doubt? Does the fear ease?
With God’s tender mercies, we are confident, positive, and spirit filled.

What a beautiful feeling this Easter season.

Michael Throop