Shepherds Like Us … In the Everlasting Light

“..in thy dark street shineth, the everlasting light..”

It seems almost impossible that the people of Bethlehem had no idea of what was happening in their midst.

A King was to be born, the Savior who would bring together the scattered sheep. He was to be among us, not of the ruling class, but of US, ordinary, failing, disappointing humans.

Why should we be granted this extraordinary gift, the consummation of Our Father’s love?

Heaven knows, we likely didn’t deserve it.

Yet, God made the covenant with us, His pledge that a Savior would come to seal our salvation.

No, in more than a few ways, we don’t deserve this gift, but how extraordinarily blessed we are to be its recipients.

And, who delivers the Good News?

Shepherds??? It should be the role of a finely robes prince, correct?? No. Shepherds. People like us.

You and me, walking those dark streets, literally and figuratively.

Why does the “everlasting light” seem to be hidden most of the time?

How am I, a human in the Lord’s image and likeness, to be more like The Child, and less like a mistake-prone adult?

Perhaps …

This is why this day, the birth of Christ, is set in darkness, as was Bethlehem that fateful night.

For all our wanderings, for all of our missteps, for all of our anger, for all of our sadness, for all of our loneliness, Christ was born in such circumstances. Every comfort was kept from the baby and his parents. All they had was the stable.

I believe God’s message in this beautiful act: My children, My Son is one of you. He was as ordinary as are you. He had pain, as do you. He was filled with joy and with sorrow, as are you.

That said, every human concern is secondary to that wondrous, joyful event.

Peace be with you, and a truly joy-filled and Merry Christmas to you.

Image: Capella_degli_Scrovegni_(Padova) wiki

Michael Throop