Pre-Med Raven Raising Money and Awareness

The Benedictine mission of community, faith and scholarship transformed culture in Europe at the dawn of Western Civilization and Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, believes it can do the same in America today. Benedictine is Forming its students deeply in that mission, Advancing the mission through alumni in every walk of life, and Extending the mission regionally and nationally.

“There are thirty million doctors and nurses worldwide, and we are telling their stories, and selling clothing with 50% of the profits going to purchase Personal Protective Equipment,” said Joseph Roberts. On day one of his new company, Thirty Million Stories, he said “we’ve already done a few hundred in sales this morning that will go towards purchasing personal protective equipment” for nurses and doctors.

Roberts, of Littleton, Colo., is a pre-med student at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, where he is also a Gregorian Fellow. He has two sisters who attend Benedictine with him — Katie and Molly, who graduates this May as a nurse (pictured). He is selling clothes that raise awareness of the personal sacrifice nurses are going through right now.

What gave you the idea to start Thirty Million Stories?

I started hearing some amazing stories about nurses and doctors working on the frontlines of COVID-19 and I knew I wanted to do something to help. An aspiring ER physician myself, I can only imagine the countless hours healthcare workers are spending to help save lives.

I wanted to create a space where nurses and doctors could share their stories, and I wanted to create a brand that showed unity with healthcare workers and helped to give back.

Named after the thirty million doctors and nurses worldwide, Thirty Million Stories tells the stories of those on the frontlines and sells clothing with 50% of the profits donated to purchase PPE, personal protective equipment.

How do you balance the needs of customers with your desire to help nurses and doctors?

The most difficult part about starting Thirty Million Stories was to figure out how I would physically create all of the products being sold. I researched quite a few companies to partner with and ended up partnering with a company that would print all of the designs I’ve created as the orders come in. This ensures that the most amount of money per order is donated to purchase PPE versus other methods that I researched.

You are the third sibling in your family to attend Benedictine College. How does the college inspire your work?

Thirty Million Stories reflects Benedictine’s mission simply by calling to unite oneself to the thirty million doctors and nurses. We’re a creating a community built on the backbone of gratitude. Our faith tells us to be charitable with ourselves, and I wanted this brand to be a reminder of that — the logo itself was designed to be a reminder of just how many people have put their lives on hold, and we should give back to them.

How can readers help?

Readers can help by purchasing products from Thirty Million Stories which helps to donate personal protective equipment and allows them to enter into a community that supports our healthcare workers.

They can also send letters of gratitude and encouragement to healthcare workers right from our website. Most importantly, readers can join in prayer for the dissipation of the virus itself.

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