The Extraordinary Story · Season 3

The Lowest Place | S3 E20

“They are going to kill me,” Jesus told his disciples. It was his third great prediction of how it was all going to end: “We are going to Jerusalem where they will condemn me to death.” At this moment James, John, and their mother decided to approach Jesus and demand places of honor in the Kingdom. Jesus’s response was not what they were expecting.

In this episode, Tom Hoopes unpacks Christ’s instruction to his disciples to “take the lowest place” and explores its relevance to our Christian witness, our daily suffering, and our relationship to an all-powerful God who took the “lowest place” for us and calls us to join Him there.

The Extraordinary Story is a podcast about the life of Jesus Christ, who entered the maze of our world to give us his Cross as a ladder up and out. The Extraordinary Story is produced by Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, and is written and hosted by Tom Hoopes.

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