The Extraordinary Story · Season 3

The Extraordinary Story | Parables of Salvation | S3 E15

God is so unfair. Jesus tells three parables today, and each one shows God being unfair. What is up, for instance, with the shrewd steward who cheats his boss and then gets praised for it? What’s up with a rich man who enjoys food and drink like you and I do? And Jesus doubles down and then quadruples down on the torment he deserves for eternity.

Then there are the laborers. Some slave all day in the hot sun. Some just barely do any work at all. And they all get exactly the same wage. Making Jesus … what? Some kind of socialist? We’ll also look at a smart guy who says there is no hell for precisely the sorts of reasons we’re outlining here. And then we’ll get real for a bonus minute.

The Extraordinary Story is a podcast about the life of Jesus Christ, who entered the maze of our world to give us his Cross as a ladder up and out. The Extraordinary Story is produced by Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas, and is written and hosted by Tom Hoopes.

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