The Extraordinary Story · Season 3

The Extraordinary Story | Discovering God in Nature | S3 E12

Take a long look at the grass and birds and flowers, and relax. Jesus contrasts two worldviews. One is the worldview of Mammon, the false God of wealth. The worldview that traps us in a technological bubble as anonymous wage slaves worried about our bank accounts. The other worldview is the one where we are the billionaire children of the King of the universe who gives us everything for free, pouring beauty, truth and goodness on us from our waking moment until the middle of the night. But it all starts with taking a long look at grass and birds and flowers. And relaxing.

The Extraordinary Story is a podcast about the life of Jesus Christ, who entered the maze of our world to give us his Cross as a ladder up and out. The Extraordinary Story is produced by Benedictine College in Atchison, KS, and is written and hosted by Tom Hoopes.

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