His Solitary Journey

Lord, if only we knew if only we had paid attention.

We heard and saw (or chose to see and hear) only the good things You did, and the peoples’ sincere appreciation for those miraculous deeds. How could anyone object? How could anyone consider Your good a threat?

But some did, and acted on those perceived threats.

They chose to conspire to have you crucified and we did nothing, out of confusion and fear.

When the disciples tried to understand your actions at the Last Supper, we tried hard to understand, too.

In the garden, when Jesus asked you to stay with him for an hour, our human spirit faltered, and we slept and when the threats came, we too ran away.

We watched at a distance as Your fate was sealed.

We left You.

We left You to die on a cross, for us, though we didn’t fully understand.

We walked away, in despair. We didn’t know, didn’t appreciate that this act would change the world, would be beauty, hope and joy in such a brief time.

No, we retreated to our solitary thoughts, of failure, loneliness, hopelessness.’

As Holy Week begins, please, help us open our hearts and embrace Your pain as ours.

You came into this world for our salvation, your brief earthly ministry was for our salvation, Your death on a cross on a Friday afternoon was for our salvation.

We wait with hope.

Michael Throop