Meet the Taekwondo Nurse From Manassas

What does one get when they mix a love for science, Taekwondo and special needs? Victoria Rogers has the answer.

From Manassas, Va., and one of six children, Victoria has been informally training for her vocation ever since her sister Gabrielle was born. “So much of who I am today is because of my sister,” said Victoria. “Gabrielle understands what it means to love. Her smiling is a great witness to what is love. Because her special needs limit her activities of daily living, I have been engaged in providing very active care for her since she was born, along with my family.”

Victoria and Rita hold their sister, Gabrielle’s hands.

A recent graduate of the Benedictine College School of Nursing, Victoria majored in nursing and earned a minor in Theology. In addition to being on the Dean’s List, she took time to learn American Sign Language, earn a first-degree Black Belt, and participate in numerous intramural sports and service jobs.

Initially, Victoria wanted to become a teacher. “I really liked objective things like science and biology,” she said. “However, once I entered nursing, I fell in love with it and knew it was right for me. Nursing is so practical.”

Dr. Jackie Harris, The School of Nursing and Associate Professor, said, “Victoria Rogers was an excellent nursing student and was not afraid to advocate for herself or others. She demonstrated good clinical judgment and provided holistic care for patients by taking care of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. She will use her calling to the nursing profession to be the hands and feet of Jesus to serve those in need.”

“Dr. Harris always maintained an open door. She helped me learn how to go through nursing clinicals in a secular hospital and how to navigate challenges as a Catholic,” said Victoria. “She helped me learn about the world of nursing without being thrown into it. Having a minor in theology has helped me get answers to questions when they arrive. My education has helped me widen my perspective in a safe place.”

A recipient of the President’s Volunteer Service Award, Victoria has been a Chapel Team Coordinator for Benedictine College Ministry. She has devoted many hours of her time to serving the campus community.

“I’ve grown and learned so much,” she said. “The Benedictine experience has provided an environment in which I have been enabled to take my faith for my own. Within Campus Ministry, I have learned more about evangelization and how a parish works. Specifically, within the Chapel Team, our work with the liturgy has been an amazing opportunity to facilitate encounters with Jesus Christ truly present in the Eucharist. Behind the scenes, every person has a role in the Church.”

“Through ministry work, I’ve learned that not everyone knows how they are called to serve; there is great joy in helping students discover their unique charisms,” said Victoria. “Benedictine has been just the right size that has allowed evangelization in a strong foundation of a faith community.”

“It’s going to be really sad to leave Benedictine College, the community, and everything with ministry,” she said. “The nursing school is also a community in which I have grown and learned a great deal.”

Victoria has accepted her first nursing job at the same hospital in which she was born. She says this feels like a true full-circle experience. She will be working in Fairfax, Va. with her sister, Rita Rogers, who is a nurse at the same hospital. One thing is for sure, if there is a job to get done, Victoria will do it. Victoria has proven to have a passion for Transforming Culture in America during her time at Benedictine. Help is on the way.

The School of Nursing at Benedictine College is rated by RegisteredNursing.org as the #1 Nursing School in Kansas. For more information, please visit: https://www.benedictine.edu/academics/departments/nursing.

Jenna Ross

Jenna Ross

Jenna Ross is a writer for the Marketing Department at Benedictine College in Kansas and is an adjunct faculty. A proud military spouse who has served and taught soldiers around the world, Ross has written for the U.S. Army Training Management Division and the New Mexico Lottery among other places. She and her husband, George, have three young adult children and live near Atchison, Kansas.