He Lives. For You and Me. Forever.

“If this mission may sometimes seem difficult, call to mind the words of the Risen Lord: ‘I am with you always, to the close of the age’ (Matthew 28:20). Certain of his presence, you shall fear no difficulty and no obstacle. His word will enlighten you; his Body and his Blood will nourish you and sustain you on your daily journey to eternity.” — St. John Paul II, 2004

The world stood still from the evening of His death to the morning of His rising.

There was no mass gathering, waiting in anticipation that they would witness the miracle.

The women, lowly in their mission, came first to the tomb, and saw the miracle, that Christ was risen, though they did not initially understand.
There we no self-anointed leaders, no “important” people, no “establishment” figures. Simply people like you and me to experience what was to be our greatest joy.

For they did not yet understand the Scripture, that he had to rise from the dead. — John 20:9

It was foretold, it was promised, Christ reminded His disciples during His ministry. This HAD to happen. His pain on Good Friday was our pain. His descent into Hell was our journey, too. And the triumphal rising from the dead was our salvation, given to us that morning.

Twenty four centuries later, we immerse ourselves in the Triduum, pray, watch, and wait for the culmination of God’s promise. It is our choice to accept this gift, say “Thank you, Lord!” and proclaim the Good News to a disdainful, angry, lonely, self-solitary world.

His selfless mission is your joy!


He is risen!


Image: Simone Cantarini-The risen Christ wiki

Michael Throop