Future Medical Professionals’ Summer Service

The Gregorian Fellows Leadership Program at Benedictine College promotes Catholic identity in public life by  forming a new generation of leaders who unite faith and reason in their work. For the following several Fridays, the Gregorian Institute will introduce you to some of these extraordinary students.

Gabriel LeBeau is an intern working for the Bioethics Defense Fund.

A member of the class of 2020, from Tempe, Ariz., LeBeau is also working on getting into medical school this summer, studying for and taking the MCAT.

At the Bioethics Defense Fund, he is working on a project involving the eugenics movement in Europe and America culminating with the Supreme Court case Buck vs. Bell in the 1920s.

“Laws were being passed in the United States allowing forcible sterilizations of men and women alike for eugenic purposes,” explains LeBeau. “The sterilization of 21-year-old Carrie Buck, a medically diagnosed ‘feeble-minded moron,’ was used as a test case for the Virginia Sterilization Act. Ultimately, this bill was deemed Constitutional by a majority 8-1 decision. Justice Holmes writes in his decision, ‘three generations of imbeciles are enough.’”

This is the fourth summer LeBeau has interned with the Bioethics Defense Fund.

Melissa Salvador is becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant this summer.

The class of 2022 Gregorian Fellow from Cave Springs, Ark., is spending the summer taking classes.

“I’m becoming a Certified Nurse Assistant and a Patient Care Assistant at NorthWest Arkansas Community College,” she explains. “I took the courses to really make sure that I wanted to study nursing and this has really made me realize that I do want to go into nursing and that I would be really happy in that field.”

She is taking classes 3 days a week for 10 weeks and doing eight-hour clinicals every Friday.

“I have done most of my clinicals in a nursing home so far, but in two weeks I will be doing them in a hospital. I will take the State of Arkansas CNA Exam at the end of July, and hopefully, I will get my certification then.”

She said she has enjoyed taking care of seniors.

“I’m really excited to continue learning how to take care of people and to eventually become a good nurse.

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