Eucharistic Revival Advent To-Do List

It’s Advent during the Eucharistic Revival called for by the U.S. bishops, and so it’s a perfect time to prepare for Christmas with Jesus Christ, truly present among us in the tabernacle or monstrance at our local Catholic church. The Fruits of Communion listed in the Catechism match up nicely with Advent

Unite yourself to Jesus in the Eucharist.

Visit Jesus in the Eucharist during your Christmas errands. You don’t have to spend an hour or even a half hour to visit the Eucharist in the tabernacle or in the exposed monstrance. You can just stop by for a brief chat to help get ready for the Second Coming. The Catechism (1402-1405) calls the Eucharist a “pledge of the glory to come,” which is one of the focuses of Advent, too.

Serve the poor.

“The Holy Hour before the Eucharist should lead us to a ‘holy hour’ with the poor,” said Mother Teresa. he Catechism agrees, saying the Eucharst “commits us to the poor. “To receive in truth the Body and Blood of Christ given up for us, we must recognize Christ in the poorest, his brethren.” Find some way to serve the poor as a family: Through a parish apostolate, a city initiative, or by donating. Make a visit to the Eucharist to pray for who you served before coming home.

Confess and receive the forgiveness offered by the Eucharist.

“Holy Communion separates us from sin” says the Catechism. But it adds, “The Eucharist is not ordered to the forgiveness of mortal sins — that is proper to the sacrament of Reconciliation.” Find a time to bring the whole family to confession to prepare to receive Jesus at Christmas.

Love more, starting at home. 

Do a secret good deed daily. “The Eucharist strengthens our charity, which tends to be weakened in daily life,” says the Catechism. Fight back! Instead of being a “Secret Santa” be a “Secret Jesus” by the power of his body and blood you have received, and do a secret good deed each day (use the five love languages and give an act of service, a small gift, an affirming word, a hug or kiss, or quality time).

Recommit to the Church.

There’s no Eucharist without the Church, and vice versa. It’s not our human love or respect for one another that makes the Church what it is; the Eucharist “makes the Church,” says the Catechism. To live the Eucharist, serve your parish or diocese or a religious order in an apostolate, in its activities, or by donating.

Tom Hoopes

Tom Hoopes

Tom Hoopes, author of The Rosary of Saint John Paul II and The Fatima Family Handbook, is writer in residence at Benedictine College in Kansas and hosts The Extraordinary Story podcast about the life of Christ. His book What Pope Francis Really Said is now available on Audible. A former reporter in the Washington, D.C., area, Hoopes served as press secretary of the U.S. House Ways & Means Committee Chairman and spent 10 years as executive editor of the National Catholic Register newspaper and Faith & Family magazine. His work frequently appears in Catholic publications such as Aleteia.org and the Register. He and his wife, April, have nine children and live in Atchison, Kansas.