Edifying Entertainment? 3 Streaming on Netflix

Does this sound familiar? You’re scrolling through Netflix or Amazon, looking for something to watch. You hope something just pops out at you while you click around, reading descriptions of various movies and watching a handful of trailers. At some point you google “best movies on Amazon” and start scrolling through those results to help narrow your options.

You finally pick something, and start watching. Halfway through, a couple starts kissing, and suddenly everyone’s naked, the plot seems to have been put on pause, and you wonder if committing to this movie was really worth it. But, you don’t want to have to go through the “finding something to watch” process again, so you just sit through the rest of it or turn it off and call it a day.

Trying to find something to watch is often stressful and time-consuming — and it takes away from the fun and relaxation of actually watching a movie. On top of that, having so many options available to stream at any moment makes it hard to decide on something, and even harder to be satisfied. And even if you finally find a movie that interests you, it often means having to sit through gratuitous sex scenes that aren’t good for your moral or emotional health.

So, here’s a short list to make your next movie night simpler and better for your soul. The following are three sex-free movies to enjoy that came out this year:

1. I Am Mother

If you’re looking for something that challenges you with intriguing social and moral commentary while entertaining you with a good story, try I Am Mother. At first it seems like it will be a slow-going movie, as it only features a couple of characters, a robot and a girl, who are confined to a high-tech bunker. But the movie never feels slow, and keeps you engaged and increasingly on the edge of your couch throughout. Unexpected detail: keep an eye out for the scene where someone prays the Rosary.

2. Chopsticks

If you’re looking for something closer to the rom-com category, try Chopsticks. It is a sweet and funny movie about a woman on a quest to find her stolen car. She ends up meeting a safecracker who decides to help her, and they make an odd but interesting team. It’s originally in Hindi, but you can watch it dubbed or with subtitles. Unexpected detail: a prizefighting goat is a key character in this story.

3. Glass

And if you’re looking for something that’s a little more action-based while making you think, try the movie Glass. Part thriller, and set in, among other locations, a psychiatric ward, it’s a culmination of the stories of other characters from previous movies. So if you enjoy it, you’ll have a few more movies to catch up on, including the prequels Unbreakable and Split. In this movie, a psychiatrist sets out to determine whether the superhero-esque people in her ward are superhuman … or just delusional. The director M. Knight Shyamalan ends his movies with a twist — and this flick is no different. Unexpected detail: keep an eye on the mother/son relationship between Elijah Price and Mrs. Price.

And there you have it. At the very least you have three trailers to watch to help you narrow your options. Enjoy!

This appeared at Aleteia.

Cecilia Pigg

Cecilia Pigg was a Gregorian Fellow and 2015 graduate of Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas. A former editor of Catholic Match newsletter, she is a wife and mother living in Topeka, Kansas, and writes weekly for Aleteia.