Darkness Ends Soon …

The people who walked in darkness
have seen a great light;
Upon those who lived in a land of gloom
a light has shone.
Isaiah 9:1

“The Christmas Ride” is a short (70 minute) film about a young woman who has a retail job, but also is a driver for a ride hailing service. She is alone on Christmas and, after having an online Christmas chat with her widowed dad, decides to get out on the street and make money transporting passengers around Tampa, her “adopted” hometown.

The mood starts out light and airy, with riders, couples and those alone, laughing and joking with “Georgia” as she banters with her customers about their plans for the day. In a happy mood, she sings happy Christmas carols. between fares.

As Christmas morning turns to afternoon, the mood changes as riders are mentally preparing for family gatherings which will not be pleasant, or leaving when events did not go well. Georgia continues to sing to herself, though her choice of carols is more reflective.

Afternoon turns to night, and the mood darkens, for Georgia, for her passengers, and for the world contained in her car. Still, while talking with her last passenger, a very troubled young woman, considering her own loss and her sense of being alone in a world of strangers, Georgia  sees light on this dark night, and hope for tomorrow.

In some ways, I wonder how much different is out reaction to difficulty, as well as our search for answers when we aren’t certain about the questions. This COVID year exacerbates everything we touch, our communication, our relationships, our sense of worth. The computer screen can hide only so much. Our hearts cannot breach the screen.

To walk in darkness is a truly personal journey, but a journey you and I recognize has light coming in.

We rejoice in our faith.

Our longing is tempered in hope

We see all that we could hope for is rooted in love.

He, in his humble beginnings, will have the answers for all our questions, all our sadness, all our fears.

Come Lord Jesus, show us Your Light!

image: The Christmas Ride, Bouncy Boxer Media.

Michael Throop