Bible Study Presents the Grandeur of the Liturgy

“This isn’t just school. It’s also about transformation.”

That is how Dr. Andrew Swafford characterizes his new study of the book of Hebrews, available from Ascension (formerly called Ascension Press).

“I wrote the book before Covid hit, but now I sense a divine timing,” he said. “As necessary and helpful as online Masses and Bible study can be,” he said, “If we really dive into Hebrews we learn that the new covenant is a living liturgical reality of Christ present among us.”

A Benedictine College theologian, Swafford has served as an editor of the Great Adventure Catholic Bible. Like his previous study on the Letter to the Romans, the study can be done via DVD or online, alone or with others.

Called “Hebrews: The New and Eternal Covenant,” it is the latest in Ascension’s 19-installment series.

Swafford said the goal of the program isn’t just to learn about the Bible, but to fall in love with Jesus and be formed as a disciple.

“To inform, inspire and challenge,” said Swafford, the eight-week program features Swafford and Jeff Cavins, a Catholic evangelist, author, biblical scholar and creator of “The Bible Timeline.” They give a “guided tour” of the book via a workbook, videos (on DVD or online) and group discussions.

“I always think of Hebrews as the holy of holies of the New Testament,” Swafford said. “It gives a sense of the heavenly grandeur of the New Testament. … Hebrews doesn’t give you ‘What’s the least that I have to do to avoid hell?’ It asks ‘How much of the divine life do you want?’”

“My prayer is that Hebrews will galvanize the Church to turn back to Jesus, the divine life of Jesus in the Mass. This is our strength, this is our life, this is the fount of life,” he said. “In all the sacraments we have Christ’s power. in the Eucharist, we have Christ himself.”

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