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I think we have, in our hands, an achievable way of changing America in a way that will seem as sudden and earth-shaking as the 1960s civil rights revolution or the 1989

A cell phone photo from President Minnis’ December Vatican visit. By Stephen D. Minnis || What follows is the contribution to a National Review Online Symposium by the President of Benedictine College.

So Pope Benedict XVI will resign (or abdicate, as George Weigel puts it). What I will most miss the clear way he spoke. When you read Pope Benedict, you not only learn

 Benedictine College at the March for Life. Forty years after Roe v. Wade, it is the pro-life movement that marches in Martin Luther King’s footsteps. Consider the last full week in January

 Hoopeses have carried this sign to Washington and Topeka for more than a decade. “So What If Abortion Ends Life?” That’s the shocking headline of a Salon magazine piece by Mary Elizabeth

Why Pray? God has made us greater than everything else he created. Greater than animals, mountains, or the angels. Therefore, nothing on earth will satisfy us. Only God. “Our hearts are restless

The Mass is the “source and summit of Christian holiness” in more ways than one. It’s the source of inexhaustible spiritual riches … but it’s a summit that can seem unreachable. Here

Catholic Digest just republished this essay I originally wrote for the National Catholic Register. In this Year of Faith, on each of the 12 days of Christmas the Gregorian will offer ways

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