After the Pandemic, a Young Crowd at My Parish

The world, the church, are in need of courageous young people, who are not cowed in the face of difficulties, who face their trials and keep their eyes and hearts open to reality, so that no one should be rejected or subjected to injustice or to violence, or deprived…of human dignity,”
Pope Francis, speaking to young Canadians, October 23,2017

Our church, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, in downtown Kansas City, experienced something wonderous this past Easter morning.

I wish you could have seen it. Dozens, maybe a hundred or more young people, ranging from their 20s to about 30, filled our worship space at 11 am mass. There were we “regulars” of course, and a number of families too. But this was much different.

These young people found us, prayed with us, and celebrated with us. They also stayed and talked, and took pictures for the longest time. They made the extra effort and sought us out. The were joyous to be there. I presume they had work schedule accommodations,, or were going to be with family later, but they were with us that beautiful morning.

Our pastor, Father Paul Turner, wrote  this past Thursday in his weekly letter that he was moved to tears by the extraordinary turnout. At lunch that afternoon, our Music and Technology Director Dr. Mario Pearson shared with my wife and me that he was energized to bring out even more fully our beautiful Ruffati organ as only Mario can, and does.

Our turnout for Triduum was greater than in past years. And, we’ve been noticing the Sunday masses have been populated by more and more young Catholics.

For those of us of a “certain age” who have dedicated decades to the ministries of the Church, this is a sign that we’re going to be fine. These young people are here to stay and they will continue the work of the Kingdom.

We slept soundly that night. All will be well for our Church.


Michael Throop