Fr. Mike Schmitz Recommends Benedictine Theologian on Podcast’s Emotional Last Day

Father Mike Schmitz delivered an emotional farewell to his Bible in a Year community on the last day of the year, Dec. 31, 2021.

But first, he directed listeners to check out the Bible studies presented by Benedictine College theologian Dr. Andrew Swafford.

“We ripped through so fast the Book of Revelation and the Letter to the Hebrews, at the end here. Jeff Cavins who has been part of our journey has a number of Bible studies on Hebrews and on Revelation. He and a man, Dr. Andrew Swafford, have another on Romans, [Hebrews], and other books of the Bible, so please check those out on Ascension Press.”

Immediately afterwards, he gave his tearful farewell:

“I’m grateful for your prayers, grateful for your support and just being able to know that I’m speaking to you as I’m reading the Word of God …I don’t have words that can capture the weight of how much you have meant to me, how much this has meant to me. I don’t know how to say goodbye.”

After a long pause in which he choked up, he ended with the same words he ended his previous Bible podcasts:

“Maybe I’ll just say I’m praying for you and please pray for me. My name is Father Mike and I cannot wait to see you tomorrow.”

On Facebook, followers of the Bible in a Year Podcast community said they choked up too.

“Am I the only one who cried with Fr. Mike on Day 365?” asked Calvin Pereira in India.

Houstan Texans fan Tina Nichols answered, “No I cried too, there are just no words like he said. But it’s bittersweet. Finally I can say I’ve read the Bible.”

Danette Dorotich, said, “I stayed awake until midnight when day 365 was available on YouTube because I couldn’t wait to hear his goodbye. As always, Fr. Mike did not disappoint. … We love you Fr. Mike, you have won our hearts for Christ in a big way.”

Father Mike has been a friend to Benedictine College. He led at least one class session during the pandemic by Zoom (shown). Readers of know Dr. Swafford as an author here, and have heard all about his Bible studies on Romans and Hebrews. We have also shared his conversion story.

Swafford came to Benedictine College a football player but broke his leg and ended up using the time to delve deeper into his faith.

What he felt from discovering his faith at Benedictine is what many in the Bible in a Year Podcast community felt.

For instance, Clark Elva said “I can’t articulate the depth of gratitude in my heart for this past year. The gift Ascension Press and Fr. Mike provided has been life altering and has left a permanent mark in my heart.”

Father Mike gave all the thanks to God. In the podcast he usually transitions between the Word of God and his commentary with a detailed, often lengthy, prayer.

Today, he just said, pausing to regain his emotions, “Thank you. In Jesus’ name receive our thanks. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.”



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