The Liturgy Guys: Pro Deo et Patreon | Liturgy Guys Rap

Pro Deo et Patreon

Never thought I’d podcast ’bout the liturgy

Never thought I’d broadcast ’bout these mysteries

Told Chris I wrote this rap and he’s proud of me

What’s your favorite word D-Mac? Ontology!


First up is my dog D-Mac

He loves pie crust you can feed’em that

He’s a church architecture lovin’ maniac

Been here since the Institute began

Then we got Chris he’s a liturgy expert

He was our student now he’s a professor

You should see this man give one of his lectures

He can quote documents with zero conjecture

Denis and Chris are a one-two punch

You just missed Kevin ’cause he went to lunch

No, I never thought I’d love this liturgy stuff

But look me now I soak it up like a sponge

Making this show’s been a great opportunity

Hearing the guys share their knowledge so beautifully

I’m such a nerd now, what did they just do to me?

I can now quote Tra le sollecitudini


“Liturgy is boring…I’m snoring…it needs to cease”

“Maybe you should wake me up right before the kiss of peace”

These are real things people say ’bout the liturgy

I’m sitting here thinking to myself, “are you kidding me!?”

When you sit in God’s house act polite

Make sure your heart’s pure and contrite

These aren’t my rules these are facts, alright?

If you don’t trust me ask an acolyte

I pray brethren that you just remain seated

Until this sentence of mine’s done and completed

Holding hands for our Lord’s prayer is so unneeded

I just told my friend that and he’s now retreated

There’s so much to know and familiarize

So many people just politicize

Our only goal is to revitalize

We are the best we’re the Liturgy Guys!


St. Thomas was a hesitant bloke

Touched the wounds of Christ, was a real slow poke

Don’t get incensed, holy smokes

You really need to learn to take a liturgy joke

Shout out to our Patreon friends

We thank you time and time again

We pray for all you women and men

In saecula saeculorum Amen!

It’s all about the bride and the bridegroom

A church is a church not a living room

I want grace poured like a typhoon

If you don’t like chant, there’s the cry room

Liturgy renewal… now that’s a forecast

Come to our school… now that you’re steadfast

Suddenly we’re cool? … Now that we broadcast?

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