As Easter Season Ends, Find Jesus in Ordinary Life

Just in time for the Church’s exit from Easter Season and re-entry into Ordinary Time, Father Meinrad Miller OSB, a Theology instructor at Benedictine College and a monk of St. Benedict’s Abbey on Campus has written “Seven Ways to Root Yourself in Christ” for the Abbey blog.

“By the time I enrolled as a freshman at Benedictine College in the fall of 1983,” he begins, “I had already spent week-long retreats at three Benedictine Abbeys: St. Martin’s Abbey in Washington state; here in Atchison, Kan., at St. Benedict’s Abbey; and at Conception Abbey in Missouri. I loved Christ and had a desire to follow him more closely.”

After more than 30 years as a monk, he says, “I would like to propose for your reflection seven ways to help you root your life in Christ. I encourage you to read each slowly, then take a moment to consider it.”

The seven ways?

1: Fall in Love with Jesus

2: Take time for Silence

3: Be Extraordinary

4: Do deeds of Mercy

5: Get involved

6: Love those around you

7: Trust in Jesus

Click here to read Father Meinrad’s brief reflections on each.





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